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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 18, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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tonight on "nightline" -- paterno's son speaks. tonight in the first sit-down television interview since the eruption of one of the biggest scandals in sports history, how the man at the center of it all is coping. fired penn state coach joe paterno's son describes hisser if's struggle. hot heels. angelina, scarlett, j-lo. turns out they all love the same man, shoe designer christian louboutin. and high five. he was a precocious kid who picked up a guitar and never put it down. tonight, adam levine of maroon 5
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moves like jagger. good evening, i'm terry moran. tonight, the paterno family speak, out about the child abuse scandal that has ended the storied career of penn state football coach joe paterno and given rise to harsh new national scrutiny of college sports altogether. paterno's son jay in his first sit-down television interview since the scandal broke spoke just tonight with our sister network espn answering questions about how his 84-year-old father's handling this crisis and a new diagnosis that he has cancer. in just two tumultuous tragic weeks, joe paterno has had a fall from grace that is hard to
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believe. at 84 years old, revered by sports fans across the nation after coaching penn state's football team for 46 years and winning more games than any other major college coach, he was fired last week. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach effective immediately. >> reporter: disgraced for allegedly not doing enough to stop what he was allegedly told was the sexual abuse of children by jerry sandusky, one of his longtime assistants. and now joe paterno is battling lung cancer. >> if there's one guy that can beat that, it's him. >> reporter: paterno's son jay, who coaches with his father, spoke to espn's tom rinaldi tonight after the family released a statement saying doctors believe joe paterno's lung cancer is treatable. and for the first time tonight, jay answered questions about the scandal swirling around his father. and talked about what this tremendous fall from grace has felt like inside the paterno
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family. >> what have the last two weeks been like for you? >> pretty surreal. it's almost like the book of job. i mean, i'm not a bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination but job went from having everything to having nothing. it's not quite like that but i think to keep things in perspective, one thing joe said to me through all all this, we got to make sure we keep focus on the victims. >> reporter: but he says his father and mother are reeling. >> he's a father. he's a grandfather. and they have done so much for children and for young people. my mom and dad both. >> reporter: joe paterno stands accused not of a crime but of a different kind of moral failure. he did not do enough to protect children allegedly being victimized by sandusky. and there may be so many victims it seems. jerry sandusky coped at penn state for decades under paterno and in 1977 founded a charity for underprivileged kids called
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the second mile. all of sandusky's reported victims were second mile children. >> it was unnatural from the beginning. >> reporter: debra's son matt was placed in foster care with sandusky after he got in trouble. he says he was never molested. but his mother believes otherwise. >> it's a nightmare. i mean, everybody -- nobody wants to think somebody would do that to their child. >> you have to think about kids going to bed at night, you know, with -- really fighting some demons and some innocence lost. and that's heart wrenching. >> reporter: jay paterno spoke about the victims tonight but also staunchly defended his father. he argued that when assistant coach mike mcqueary came to joe paterno in 2002 and told him he'd seen sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in the showers, sandusky had already retired. >> he'd been gone for a couple years. retired. so he really wasn't part of that -- that staff anymore.
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>> reporter: penn state football brings in $70 million a year to the university. under paterno, all that money from the program has transformed the school. and turned him into a living legend. actually cast in bronze in front of the stadium. tonight, when asked how he feels about his father's name being removed from the big ten championship trophy, it was clear that jay paterno, even in the midst of scandal, is still focused on the game. >> let's get there and win it and put it back on it. >> joining us now is the reporter who conducted that interview with jay paterno, tom rinaldi, from our sister network espn. tom, great work on this story throughout. tonight, i want to ask you specifically, after talking with jay paterno, do you think he gets it? do you think that they're aware that joe paterno's reputation, his legacy, has been tarnished here? >> i think that jay and probably a lot of the paterno family feels as though the way things look right now might change over time. i think they understand
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certainly what this has done to joe paterno and how he's perceived right now. and what it's done to penn state university and its football program. but there is a persistent belief, certainly among the paterno family, that as more facts come to light, things may not appear exactly as they do right now and perhaps may look more favorably upon joe paterno. >> and that's a great point, the facts have yet to emerge fully. what's next for the paterno family? >> joe paterno really needs to concentrate right now on his health. and in talking to jay and to others close with the family, they say the plan will be for joe to begin radiation this week most likely. >> absolutely. tom rinaldi in columbus for the penn state/ohio state game tomorrow, thanks very much for joining us. and we will continue to follow the penn state story. but just ahead, well, it's the color of desire and it's painted on every louboutin heel. we step into a footwear fantasy
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e-trade. if you love high heels, and who doesn't, the man we're about to meet needs little introduction. christian louboutin is a high saint, maybe a dayty, in the church of fine footwear. you'll want to know two things, a pair cost more than household appliances and the soles are always a flagrant flirtatious red. here's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: from the back of a vespa, you can learn a lot about someone. darting in and out of traffic
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through paris on his red vespa it is clear. my driver is fearless. and while few women might recognize his face, his sole, that sole, is now one of the most recognized in the world. christian louboutin. yes, that louboutin. the designer behind these. sexy, sky scraping signature red soled shoes. a staple of siren from angelina jolie to scarlett johansson. the stuff of powerhouses and pop stars like jennifer lopez. >> i would like a shiny new pair of louboutin shoes, the ones with the high heels and the red bottoms. >> reporter: who sings the praises with her song. women line up for his sexy shoes outside his paris store. but he has a very specific customer in mind. you got to have a tall girl in
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here? >> i quite like my customer to be fierce. >> reporter: fierce? >> exactly. >> reporter: when louboutin isn't practicing his sky high trapeze routine, he's designing sky high shoes here at his atelier in paris. >> custom made shoes. >> reporter: this is a custom shoe of some lucky lady? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: he makes no apologies for the prices. his shoes sell from anywhere from about $500 to $6,000. today, louboutin sells more than 600,000 pairs a year. >> a good shoe is exactly like a good wine. quality. these shoes are going to stay for a long time. >> reporter: louboutin started sketching shoes as a teen. kicked out of school at 16, he spent nights in paris, designing shoes for burlesque show girls. he launched his own company in 1991. three years later, a happy
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accident. the prototype of a shoe he created had come in but it seemed to be lack something. >> i had a girl working with me trying on the shoes. when she was not trying on shoes, she was sort of waiting. so she was doing her nails. she had this nail polish. i thought, this black has to be it. so i grabbed her nail polish and painted the sole. >> reporter: with the nail pollish? >> with the nail polish. >> reporter: the famous red sole was born. today, he says those red soles attract men the way a bull's attracted to a red cape. but the red sole has also attracted something else, copycats. louboutin is now embrailoiled i nasty lawsuit, suing one designer who started painting his soles red to stop. be taken as a compliment. when it's to be really attacked in a way, i do not see it as a compliment. >> reporter: a lawyer for yves
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st. laurent said no designer should monopolize a color. >> i did not monopolize a color. i have put the color at a place where nobody has put it. hermes is not monopolizing orange or tiffany the blue. >> reporter: but it's your trademark? >> my trademark, absolutely. >> reporter: also viewed as a piece of art. this new book details 20 years of design, page after page of pure shoe porn. and watching women slip on his shoes is a steady in psychology. >> some women are not completely comfortable with their body. even if you're not really comfortable with your body, you are comfortable with your feet. >> reporter: the feet always hold up. six months pregnant, feeling less than glamorous, he proved it to me. this is the lion paw. hello, lovers. i think i just lost five pounds and years.
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fabulous. that's high, huh? >> you would have half a size smaller. >> reporter: really? >> yep. >> reporter: comfort does not appear to be part of the lexicon. some stilettos are seven inches high. >> these shoes are uncomfortable shoes. >> reporter: they're not meant to be birkenstocks. >> exactly. all the respect i have -- >> reporter: all respect for those. sex he says is behind most of his designs. one customer commissioned hip to make a shoe for his wife with rubies all over the sole. >> i said, well, you know, but once you have the weight of the person, they're going to pop off. he says, there won't be any weight on it. it will only be worn -- you don't have to -- >> reporter: in a horizontal way? >> yeah. >> reporter: after my tour of shoe heaven and a vespa ride through paris, like so many other women, i was convinced, louboutin just might be my sole mate. for "nightline," i'm sharyn
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they grabbed a grammy award in 2005. the band maroon 5 is still riding high with current hits like "move like jagger." thanks in large part to their lead singer adam levine. he's tonight's "play list."
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♪ she will be loved >> she will be loved is one of those songs that when i wrote it was kind of just done in a few hours. i just felt like i was connected to it. i really thought people were going to understand it and love it. that was a great moment. writing that song, which was probably a decade ago. it's crazy. ♪ rock down to electric avenue listening to electric avenue by eddie grant. that was the first actual hard copy i ever bought. the first tape i ever bought. i made my parents listen to it all the time. i probably drove them a little crazy with that so i'm sorry to my parents for that. my family's a very musical family. they appreciate music. i was obsessed with the tune. i love the song to this day. it's irresistible. it's one of those songs. ♪ thriller night
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"thriller" was just everyone's soundtrack. it was the biggest record on earth. everybody wants to be michael jackson. i would dance around the living room like every other kid. michael jackson was probably his biggest at this time. almost as if pop music is something i loved so much as a kid. then i was 13, 14, 15, kind of left it behind and didn't think it was particularly cool. ♪ take me away to paradise i remember hearing greenday for the first time and being kind of blown away. i heard "longview" on the radio i was just enamored by it, like, wow, what's this? it's amazing. it was a little kind of pissed off and obnoxious. in high school, was a little rebellious. didn't want to do things they were teaching me. singing was something i never
11:58 pm
really wanted to do, to be honest, i wanted to be a guitar player. i had a music teacher. he told me at a really young age i had something special. i could sing. i thought it was terribly uncool to have a melodic pretty voice. i picked up the guitar and that was it. i fell so madly in love with it. it's all i did. it consumed my every thought. ♪ dr. feelgood ♪ he's the one they call actually learned how to play drums in my attic listening to dr. feelgood, motley crue record. i had a karaoke machine that i'd put -- really bad idea but i put it right by my ear. in order to get it loud enough. i'd have these drums, really crappy drum set, listening to it and almost treating it like a monitor. i'd have it rigged up blasting and i'd play that whole album and learned how to play drums. thank you, tommy lee, appreciate it. ♪ with the girl i love ♪ and i'm like forget you
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clo has made some records. i think are amazing sounding and so cool and refreshing. also rooted in old school which is cool. lots of different ways to get people interested in music. i think it's cool. ♪ gonna have to keep it working with christina on "moves like jagger" was amazing. hearing her singing for the first time was amazing. it was a very soulful performance. like a different thing for her. it was a very different thing for us. i felt really cool about the collaboration being something new for both entities. ♪ and it goes like this ♪ take me by the tongue and i'll know you ♪ ♪ kiss me till you're drunk and i'll show you ♪ ♪ got the moves like jagger "moves like jagger." sounds good. thanks for watching abc news. on monday on "nightline," tune


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